Complete Blockchain Technology – Cyptocurrencies


Course Summary:

– Fundamental Aspects of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technologies, and Distributed Consensus
– Using Blockchain Technology and Distributed ledger technology to collect payment for your business
– Potential usage of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency
– Potential of Blockchain Crytocurrency Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining Altcoins

After the training, student could have wider understanding of applying Blockchain Technology and Crypto currency for their business and
adapt the fast changing world using the most popular Cryptocurrency as a payment for their business.


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Complete Blockchain Technology - Cyptocurrencies

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Course Curriculum

Total learning: 11 lessons Time: 1 day
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    • Introduction to Blockchain Technology – Cryptocurrency
    • What is Bitcoin and the Technology behind it
    • Bitcoin and Currency
    • Why our current system is broken
    • Living with Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin
    • Introduction to Proof of Work
    • What is mining and how does it affect the ecosystem?
    • Building your Cryptocurrencies Portfolio
    • Diversify your Portfolio
    • The Splitting of Cryptocurrencies
    • Future of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology


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