1 Day Zero Ad Cost Wechat Marketing Workshop



Course Summary:

– WeChat User and Market Trends

– Learn how to use WeChat as a Marketing tool for your business

– Learn how to target affluent Chinese in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore

– Learn how to use WeChat Leads Generation Software & content creation for your business branding

– How to create Wechat Official Account and build your own WeChat page then

– Create FREE Viral Marketing For your business using our WeChat Property Leads Generation Software

– Build Wechat Groups with unlimited free leads using our WeChat Leads Generation Software, invited all your leads to enter your network and sharing your contents to them also increasing your referral network size

– Contextualizing WeChat Marketing to Specific Locations

– Able to do WeChat Marketing in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and anywhere in the world with no limits with over 1 Billion Active users worldwide and 100% of the China Chinese people in Singapore using WeChat


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